1. Legalization is inevitable

  • As of November 9th, 2016 eight states have legalized adult use (aka "recreational consumption") and 28 states (+ DC) have legalized medical marijuana.
  • Nationwide, approximately 89% favor the legalization of medically prescribed marijuana and polls show 54-60% of voters are for adult use legalization; the tipping point is near.

2. Continued prohibition is bad for society

  • Enforcement has led to decades of failed attempts with little to show for it other than immense social and economic costs.
  • Prohibition has driven an increase in criminal behavior and organized crime the same way alcohol prohibition did.

3. Legalization is good for society

  • Regulation and licensing will be less costly and more effective than outright prohibition.
  • People are buying it anyway, why shouldn’t it be taxed?

4. Cannabis has medical uses

  • Over 22,000 citations in PubMed evidence how much it has been studied.
  • CNN’s Sanjay Gupta (offered the Surgeon General position by Obama) supports use as medicine and legalization.

5. Legalization will create jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities

  • Legal cannabis is a growth industry creating economic activity that would otherwise be underground.
  • Just one sale at a dispensary creates jobs related to its cultivation, processing, transportation, marketing, accounting, etc.

6. The legalization enemy is misinformation (myths, falsehoods, lies)

  • Sadly, the “Reefer Madness” and Nixonian myths about Cannabis still persist despite decades of evidence to the contrary.

7. The business enemy is lack of knowledge (data and information that can be turned into knowledge and insights)

  • Unfortunately, the stigma around and taboos about Cannabis have kept a lot of the data underground and hampered the gathering of accurate information and the application of traditional business skills by expert professionals.

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