The 8 Largest Weed Startup Funding Rounds

This TechCrunch listicle covers some companies we have already mentioned or discussed. The 8 cannabis industry startups in the list and their funding:

  1. WeedWall - $30k
  2. Meadow - $120k
  3. Nestdrop - $150k
  4. Vape Holdings - $560k
  5. Eaze - $1.5m
  6. MassRoots - $2.05m 
  7.  Snoop Dogg - $25m (planned)
  8. Privateer Holdings - $75m 

One of these should have made you open your eyes really wide and made you understand why we keep saying that the mainstreaming of marijuana is happening and the business opportunities are huge…if done professionally and tsrategically. Which one did that for you?

By: JP Clement