Manufacturers face branding, packaging and legal issues

Say you go to the grocery store and buy some apples. Imagine they’re all from the same ‘strain’—so they’re all Granny Smith. These apples will invariably be inconsistent. One might be sour, another might be mealy. Another crisp. And when it’s just something you eat, you won’t let it ruin your day. You might make a mental note that one isn’t very good. With psychoactives, this natural variability can be much more pronounced. But what if we took those apples and turned them into hard apple cider? Every bottle would have the exact same taste, texture, smell, and—most importantly psychoactive effect. That’s the magic of distillation.

Ebbu Wants to Power | Next Generation of Cannabis | MJIN

This quote from Dooma Wendschuh, ebbu’s CEO, is, we believe, why edibles and concentrates are eclipsing bud in MMJ and LMJ (Legal MariJuana) markets: consistency through “distillation.” Which, crucially, enables branding.

The rest of the Marijuana Investor News article this quote was extracted from is a very interesting read about ebbu’s business model and fund raising successes and plans. Interestingly, ebbu had raised $2m as of the article’s publication date (12/9/14) and was aiming for a $9m Series A round in “the first quarter of 2015.” But a quick Crunchbase search shows 1) no news of a Series A and 2) a surprising description of the company’s activities. What happened to ebbu?

By: JP Clement