The dispensary of the future speaks to mainstream consumers

Ryan Mungia, author of Pot Shots, took a look at the evolving aesthetic of marijuana stores in his book. “As pot continues its shift into the mainstream, I would imagine more dispensaries will utilize architects and designers as a way to offer their customers a sense of legitimacy and cache to what many still consider to be a questionable industry,” he tells Co.Design.

6 Branding Lessons from the Pioneers of Weed Design

We fully agree with this thought in an interesting Fast Company article looking at how the professionalization and mainstreaming of pot may bring.


The accompanying picture (above) of an American Institute of Architects Award (in 2011) drives the point home. But what it’s missing is what will be on the shelves of this beautifully designed and very engaging retail space: product branding and package design will need to follow the lead of the interior designers and architects if it 1) wants to not stick out like a sore thumb in this new retail design paradigm and 2) create the same appeal to the more mainstream customer described in another part of the article:

“Women are the secret to this whole thing,” says L.A.’s Cheryl Shuman, a branding advocate for marijuana products and a pot entrepreneur. “I’m a mom in my fifties, and I try to make products that women want to buy,” she explains. After all, women buy 85% of all household and consumer products, according to Adweek.

By: JP Clement