CO sales topped $700m in 2014

Oregon’s northern neighbor Washington sold $50 million worth of marijuana last month alone. In Colorado, the first U.S. state to legalize recreational marijuana sales, purchases topped $700 million last year.–making-money-from-marijuana-in-oregon-could-be-tough-190159408.html

For those of you counting, that’s an annualized $600 million for marijuana sales in WA and $700 million in CO. The article goes on to predict almost $500 million for OR with a much smaller population than either WA or CO in 2016 when the new law goes into effect on January 1, 2016.


Oregon businesses won’t be allowed to sell edibles —among the most popular legal cannabis products — until next year when permanent rules for cannabis sales are set to be adopted. In Colorado, edibles make up almost half of all legal marijuana sales. 

The article details the struggles of bud growers and sellers in OR and the quote above offers an explanation. But another obvious explanation goes unmentioned in the article: none of the products sold in OR are branded and, with edibles remaining illegal and easier to brand than bud, mainstream professional branding will remain elusive in OR.

By: JP Clement