New York’s Countdown for Medical Marijuana down to 48 hours ...

For the approximately 500,000 patients throughout New York state who qualify under New York’s restrictive Compassionate Care Act by having one of a limited number of afflictions including cancer, epilepsy, and AIDS, January 2016 will ring in their ability to legally purchase medical marijuana. From the Village Voice:

New York is on the cusp of welcoming a brand-new, unprecedented industry to the state, says Diane Savino, the state senate sponsor of the Compassionate Care Act. “We need to examine the real size of the program. We’re creating an industry where we restrict not only where you can operate but who you can sell to,” she says. “If you’re a license holder now, you carry the entire risk of this experiment in New York State.”

The legislation allows for just five growers to stock only twenty dispensaries for a state of 20 million people. But it’s a start.

By: Wesley