Investment funds are betting ion the "green rush"

Marijuana is now on the cusp of mainstream legitimacy, and established business interests are beginning to work with the initial trailblazers of the American cannabis market. Further, while technological innovation is revolutionizing every industry, breakthrough ideas in a market as young this one have the chance to become defining cornerstones. Early-to-market products and solutions are seeing widespread adoption in absence of entrenched industry leaders.

The Marijuana Industry And Its First Crossroads | TechCrunch

This quote from Alex Thiersch, the GM of a cannabis investment fund from Chicago, IL called Salveo Capital, pretty much sums up our take on why we started The 420 Agency. It goes on to elaborate on each key point and give examples of cannabis startups (and not-so-startups) that are capitalizing on the “green rush”, including some eye-opening numbers for cannabis entrepreneurs:

Companies like Open Vape are establishing benchmarks on what it means to consume marijuana in the 21st century. The company saw the intersection of the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes and the legalization of marijuana, and acted swiftly to become one of the biggest names in the industry. The firm’s convenient, portable, oil-based vaporizer designs were among the first to market, enabling it to now boast roughly 270,000 units sold per month. [emphasis added]

A good read, and not only because it illustrates and makes every point in Vision very clear!

By: JP Clement