Legalization of Marijuana for Adult Consumption is Inevitable and Nearing the Tipping Point

Here is why:

  1. Twenty-three states have approved medical marijuana and even more will approve it in the 2016 elections.
  2. Four states have legalized adult consumption and California, the nation’s most populous state, will almost certainly do so in 2016.
  3. Colorado and Washington are already demonstrating the benefits of legalization while showing the fears of such were unfounded. This will undermine many of the arguments that legalization opponents would otherwise use in upcoming state battles.
  4. Nationwide, 58% of voters favor legalization and this number is likely to continue to increase.
  5. The only age group against legalization are senior citizens aged 65 and older (with only 35% favoring). This demographic group becomes a smaller voting block every year.
  6. Each year a new crop of pro-legalization voters becomes of age. 71% of citizens 18-34 favor legalization.
  7. Legal cannabis has become country’s fastest growing industry meaning that more and more voters are in the business and making it an even greater source of tax revenues for local and state governments.

Despite special interests benefiting by prohibition (namely the alcohol lobby, private prisons, and to a less degree Big Pharma), voters are becoming increasingly aware of the inequities and social / economic costs of cannabis prohibition and are in favor of reform leading to the inevitability of legalization.

Polling data source: 2015 Gallup Poll

By: Wesley