Can't smoke weed in pubic areas in CO? Try a smoking lounge on wheels

Although any adult over the age of 21 can head over to their local dispensary and purchase some pot [in Colorado], it is still illegal to consume cannabis in the public eye. You can’t smoke in bars, restaurants and although there are a few cannabis clubs operating in a weird gray area, plenty of these operations have also been shut down.

If Uber and Tinder had a stoner baby, it’s High There’s Hopper

The ingenuity and creativity in the cannabis industry never cease to amaze us.

The Hopper will use High There’s current app to show users designated routes and stop points where they can then be picked up. Once live, users will be able to see the Hopper traveling along its route, much like Uber, and will be able to reserve a spot for a portion or all of the stops.

By: JP Clement