Almost half of CO tourism influenced by legal marijuana

A state tourism survey released Wednesday found that Colorado’s legalized marijuana influenced nearly half of the visitors who decide to come visit the state. The study, commissioned by the Colorado Tourism Office, found that 42% of potential visitors said marijuana was either “extremely” or “very much influential” in their decision to visit the state, while nearly 7% reported it to be “somewhat influential,” the Denver Post reported.

Study: Marijuana Motivates Almost Half of Colorado Tourists - Marijuana Business Daily

The jury is still out on the actual (and measured) impact of cannabis tourism but it seems that it could be a reality in CO. Regardless of the actual influence of LMJ on tourism in CO, this effect will likely decrease as marijuana becomes legal in more states. All things equal, will tourists who are influenced by pot go to CO or to Nevada (aka Las Vegas) or California?

By: JP Clement