MMRSA Effect: Tale of Two Cities Shows How California Municipalities are Responding

When California passed the state's Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act last October, it gave cities until March 1st to adopt their own regulations (or bans) for marijuana businesses else state rules would apply. For Southern California city Newport Beach, it was a chance to pass an outright ban on marijuana dispensaries and delivery services. It's southern neighbor, Oceanside, took a different tact where the City Council adopted an ordinance that would permit delivery services to serve its residents.

Oceanside has a history of strict policies against pot shops and consistently has cracked down on stores that opened illegally in the city.  But several council members said they had been moved by the testimonies of medical marijuana patients who spoke during Wednesday's meeting about how the drug had helped them. 

Despite the likelihood that the March 1st deadline will be relaxed by the California legislature, cities that don't want to take the chance and don't want to leave their fate in the hands of the state in terms of what types of marijuana businesses are operating in their city are rushing to pass their own regulations.

By Wesley