A Look Ahead: Marijuana Retail, Cultivation & Industry Trends to Watch in 2016

This 3rd article from a series in Marijuana Business Daily has a list of trends about the industry for 2016. We usually are not huge fans of predictions and lists but this one is very astute and insightful (and agrees with our own observations). To recap the article key trends, which are national in scope but obviously apply to CA:

  • Cultivation: oversupply and price decline
  • Retail: medical research influence
  • Edibles: new product development
  • Investing: established firms to have major advantage
  • Legal: more shareholder disputes
  • Industry at Large: emergence of branding and marketing

We, obviously, really appreciate the last trend and cannot agree more with this statement from a 5-year veteran industry consultant:

Hands down, number one, the biggest change you’re going to see in this industry this year is going to be branding and marketing of products across different sectors. It’s the kind of product where if you’re a consumer, and you see it on the shelf, it creates a certain level of trust in the product because you see the type of time and resources that went into the packaging,. Whether it’s growers or other businesses, everyone is going to be focused on branding.

By: JP

Source: http://mjbizdaily.com/looking-ahead-mariju...